The Brow kit: Tricks to hide grown-out eyebrows FAST 6 years ago

The Brow kit: Tricks to hide grown-out eyebrows FAST

Unruly hair follicles are a common cause of grief. There is simply no time for the preening, but you can't leave them in a state either. What's a gal to do? 

Shazam! Prepare to be amazed with these tools and quick techniques for no-hassle supermodel brows:


1. The Huberbrow

Good shape overall. Needs a little TLC from a go-to brow product from time to time.

Buy this: €25, Gimme Brow by Benefit, from Debenhams.

Do: Keep your brows the same tone as your hair colour. The key is to start on the edges, under the eyebrow bone and work your way back towards the middle of the face when contouring. Use gentle brush movements and a wand like Benefit's below - it's quick and easy and you'll never notice stray hairs. Promise.

Don't: Do not brush the pigment close to the nose. You will look like an Eighties popstar. Not a good look. Start with the growth of the hair inside the brow.

cara11 Bottom image via Desi Perkins on Youtube.

2. The Cara brow

Full, bushy, shaped and strong. Needs regular maintenance, not plucking or waxing.

Buy this: €46 Clarins eyebrow palette with Beeswax from BT's.

Do: Use a thin brush with an angled head to perfect this look. Gently fill in the brow from the underside along the length and form a point at the end, above your outer eye. Gently, I said. It is easy to make this look like a marker line. Sit down for the application... and breathe.

Don't: Overloading the product can cause the brow to look dirty. Use a very light touch to apply. It can look pasty on the top and bottom where it hits your make-up line otherwise so avoid.

cara Bottom image via Desi Perkins on Youtube.

4. The Brooke brow

Not much shape. Sweeping with a distinctive sharp line on the top and bottom.

Buy this: €30 Brooke Shields Brow Pen from Charlotte Tilbury

Do this: Define the line with a sharp pencil. You are looking for strength towards the middle of the face for this brow shape. It's different to the others as it's balanced along the length from inner to outer eye. Keep the middle of the brow lighter so the little extra hairs here and there will go unnoticed.

Don't: Don't draw on the brow like you're touching up a Leonardo da Vinci. Saturating this brow shape will close the eye area. A light application of colour on the outer edges will give the face great definition and softness in equal measure.


4. The Emilia brow

Slender, sweeping with a distinctive neat line on the bottom, but not over-styled.


Buy this: €4, Wet n'Wild brow kit from Dunnes Stores nationwide.

Do this: Always apply concealer to the brow bone before you begin. Use a wax-based brow kit to shape the architecture if you have particularly oily skin like Emilia. The few strays on the top area will look natural. Yay.

Don't do this: Use the colour on the middle of the eyebrows first. Lay the wax over the brow lightly on the edges, to finish the look.

emil Bottom image via The Zoe Report

5. The Gyllenhaal/Forde brow

Jake and I share the same brows this week (and most weeks)... wild and wonky.

Buy this: €7, Eyelure eyebrow stencil from Boots and never look back!

Do this: Grow them out and complain about them for an entire month. Watch your friends turn their back on you as you give out and moan about being too busy.

Don't do this: Go to a beautician and say 'Oh Gosh my brows are shocking'. They will do their 'heard it all before, couln't give a sh*t' face. Life will inevitably go on. No biggie.


Pics via The Graham Norton Show