So the latest beauty must-have is a €5 nappy rash cream... for your face 1 year ago

So the latest beauty must-have is a €5 nappy rash cream... for your face

I know, I know - we all do strange things in the name of beauty but stay with me for this one.

Nappy cream on your face.

A recent thread on Netmums sparked the beauty tip when one mum admitted she ran out of moisturiser so used Bepanthaen on her face with some seriously impressive results.

It is a popular nappy rash cream traditionally used on baby's delicate bottoms but turns out that it can be used as an intensive face cream at night.

User Amir claims:

"Can I just say a huge Thank you [sic] for this tip! My skin has been looking awful. What with the heating on, cold air outside, chocolate and alcohol over xmas and stress from work, it has looked dry, red and spotty. I suffer a little with a couple of spots when it's time of month or I am stressed but never this bad.  I applied bepanthen over night after washing and the next day the redness had gone down, and the moisture was back in my skin.
After applying last night, all my stress spots have disappeared and have moisture back in the skin.
I always have this in for my youngest and never thought to use it on my face lol"

While Lottie comments:


"Doesn't it make your skin feel so smooth and soft Bepanthen as face moisturiser haha
Won't be buying anything else as face moisturiser now x"

While Australian beauty blogger Fatmumslim recommends it in her top beauty must-have's:

"As an eczema sufferer and a chapped-lip survivor this cream is life-changing. My Ma went to see a dermatologist about something and mentioned the problems I have with my skin, and they recommended this nappy rash cream. It’s the perfect lip balm. Will fix cracked and chapped lips overnight. It’s cheap as chips and available at the pharmacy."


I use it myself and find my skin is seriously soft afterwards. I only use it at night as it is quite greasy so I don't think it would be as good for very oily skin. My friends use it too - so there you have it, a baby-friendly skin ointment that you can pick up from the pharmacy for next to nothing. I don't use it every day as it is quite heavy but if your skin is looking a little dry, try it a couple of times and let us know what you think!

What other unusual beauty hints and tips do you have for us? Mail me and let us know!