This is the ONE makeup product all women should own 4 years ago

This is the ONE makeup product all women should own

It might look a little dull and boring next to the more shimmery and glam shades in your palette, but taupe eyeshadow is actually an absolute miracle-worker – you just need to know what to do with it.

In fact, makeup artist and beauty bloggers agree: Taupe eyeshadows are an essential part to everyone’s makeup and beauty stash, as matte taupe eyeshadows actually have a number of different uses.

And who doesn't love a beauty product that is seriously hard-working? Not only because it saves us some hard-earned cash, but also because it, most crucially on frantic mornings, saves us time.

What can it do, I hear you ask? Well, ladies, prepare to be amazed:

1. Make you look more awake

Sweep your taupe shadow over your entire eyelid to give your eyes a wide-awake look – the colour taupe zaps redness.

2. Use as base for eyeliner

Create the perfect base for eyeliner—it looks amazing next to a line of brown, black or navy.


3. Fill in eyebrows

Get the right shade of taupe, and you can even use it for filling in your eyebrows.

4. Use as all over colour or for transitions

Depending on how complicated your eye-makeup routine is, taupe is great colour as it can be used as a "wash" all over your lids in one, easy sweep, or yo can use it as a transition colour between other shades you are applying.

5. Take you from day to night

Wear taupe all day, then just add a touch of shimmery beige at the inner corners of your eyes and you’ve got a look that goes from day to night in a flash.

Are you convinced yet?