Women all over the world are looking for soft hair, and this baby is the key to success 3 years ago

Women all over the world are looking for soft hair, and this baby is the key to success

A couple of years ago, I got hair extensions as part of a bridal beauty prep piece I was researching and writing.

And while initially, I LOVED my longer and thicker hair, I soon discovered that when the extensions started coming out, my own hair seemed to come out in clumps with it – eeek!

Also, to make matters worse, I spent three weeks in Greece during those extension days, meaning that not only was my hair getting thinner as the extensions kept falling out, it was also feeling super dry and damaged between the sun and salt water and frequent dips in pools filled with chlorine water – all in all a recipe for a full-on hair disaster.

What saved my hair back then, I swear, is a hair mask a friend – who happens to be a hairdresser – recommended, the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream.

This cult mask saved my hair. In fact, not only saved it, but made it better than before! Which is why it still features regularly in my hair care regime even now, years later.


Ladies, I am not kidding – this mask is sensational – and I am not alone in feeling this way. Nope, pretty much every beauty editor and hair expert across the globe will tell you the same thing; this mask actually works.

As for how it performs hair miracles, I asked my hairdresser friend – who, just to be clear, is not associated with Redken in any way, and she said it is basically down to the super conditioning formula, that pretty much locks moisture into your hair through some total hair sorcery.

And the best bit? All you have to do is pop this mask in your hair for a few minutes (three is good) every week, and you can wave goodbye to dry hair and damaged lengths forever. In fact, it is so good, I still see and feel a difference in my hair even two or three washes after having used it.

Softer, silkier, more nourished hair; what' not to love?

Seriously; if you make ONE beauty investment this month; let THIS be it.