Three solutions to covering up your roots that your stylist won't kill you for using 2 years ago

Three solutions to covering up your roots that your stylist won't kill you for using

The regrowth is real.

I last had my colour done in January having originally planned to get it touched up in March (ha!) so needless to say I have some serious root action going on.

I'm far from the only one with this problem, and with the salons closed for at least another month what are we to do.

I've been warned on pain of death by my stylist not to go anywhere near box dye so I've been looking into alternatives that won't drive her crazy when I do eventually rock back in to her.

If like me you're being personally victimised by your roots here are three temporary products you can use to deal with them during lock down.

1) L'Oreal Magic Retouch

RRP €13.99 each

L'Oreal Magic Retouch is a root concealer covers grey roots or hair growth using hair makeup pigments matched to the rest of your hair colour.


It’s designed to prolong the time between hair colouring, quickly and effectively and is available in nine different shades.

2)Batiste Hint of Colour Dry Shampoo

RRP €5.49 each

Batiste Hint of Colour is a two in one as it's a dry shampoo and a root touch up.

A handy way of covering up roots, even greys, it's available in three shades - blonde, brunette and black.

3)John Frieda Root Blur

Root Blur can easily conceal re-growth and greys and it's small enough to keep in your make up bag.

The pressed powder with angled fiber brush allows for precise root concealer application and flawless coverage and comes in a compact with a mirror.

As easy to apply as eyeshadow, Root Blur comes in five options, each compact with two shades to create a more natural multi-toned finish.

Ranging from very light blonde to black there's a Root Blur to suit all hair tones.