The naughty step could be making your kids misbehave more, expert warns 1 month ago

The naughty step could be making your kids misbehave more, expert warns

"Time outs have never felt right to me"

Lots of parents believe in using the naughty step when punishing their children for misbehaving, but it turns out it could actually be making things harder for you.

According to a parenting expert, this type of punishment is likely having a negative impact on your children's behaviour.

Kerwin Rae explained why the popular parenting technique isn't maybe as helpful as we once thought.

He stressed that the naughty step isn't a long-term solution and said: "It gets you what you want quickly, but then by the age of 14 you now have a rebel on your hands."

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He explained that this method teaches kids that the solution to conflict is to walk away and this isn't something we want them to carry with them throughout life.

Facing their problems and talking it out is the way to go, according to Kerwin.


Parents were divided on his advice, with many stating the naughty step worked perfectly well for their family. However, others expressed their relief over never using the method.

"Time outs have never felt right to me. Sometimes I'm made to feel bad for it, but now I'm glad I don't do it," one wrote.

"There are times where I cannot talk with my toddler until he's calmed down enough to talk and listen. So for us, it's the only thing that's worked," one mum argued.

Another added:  "I was put on time out and then once it was over my mum would speak to me, understand what I did wrong, and then we cuddle it out."

It's important to remember that every family is different and what works for one, may not work for others.