School-age kids will love getting creative with these embroidery, sewing and macramé kits 5 months ago

School-age kids will love getting creative with these embroidery, sewing and macramé kits

Midterm is around the corner.

No, really – it is.

We have officially homeschooled from Christmas until the winter midterm.

And now, we have to think of ways to entertain the kids at home – again – as a full week without school work approached.


Anyone else feels like they have made their fair share of slime/constructed obstacle courses/baked stuff with the kids already over the past 12 months...?

Fear not – we found some cool crafts that are bound to keep the kids entertained this midterm!

For kids who are of school age, we are loving these gorgeous craft kits from Numero 74, the creative collective based in Ibiza, who puts together the most gorgeous craft kits that are available to order from their website.

Just take a look:


1. Macramé kit

Learn the ancient art of knotting cord with your hands and create wall decorations, a plant hanger, a keychain and a cable cover.


2. Embroidery kit for kids

Invite your child to nurture their blossoming sense of creativity with this step-by-step embroidery kit, especially designed to build up their confidence. Be prepared for wonderful surprises!



3. Weaving kit

Learn the art of making cloth by interlacing weft yarns into the warp thread of a loom, and create personalised and unique items: a wall hanging, a necklace, a purse and a cushion cover.


4. 'Embroidery kit 'Dream Big'

Taking the time to embroider this lettering work will engrave these words of wisdom in your heart. A gentle reminder to believe in your dreams!


5. Fabric flower kit

Let your creativity blossom with this fabric flower kit!
Find all you need to make between 10 and 15 flowers, which you can use to customise anything you like:
a canopy, a hat, a headband...