You can now find out how many hours of Netflix you watched this year 2 months ago

You can now find out how many hours of Netflix you watched this year

But do we really want to know?

Between lockdown one and two and all of the mini lockdowns in between, we've all been spending a lot more time at home this year.

Due to that we've all been watching a lot more TV with services like Disney+ seeing a big boost in subscriptions, and of course Netflix.

Similar to Spotify Wrapped a web developer has come up with something similar for Netflix which allows you to see just how much Netflix that you've watched in the last year.

While not officially affiliated with Netflix, Netflix Wrapped can be downloaded as a Chrome extension.

It then allows you to see a breakdown of all your data from the streaming site, from the amount of days you binged in total (in days, hours and seconds) to your favourite genres.

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To download the Netflix Wrapped extension all you have to do is visit the Chrome Web Store and search the name 'Netflix Wrapped', then click 'Add to Chrome'.

When it's downloaded, you simply open the Chrome extension and press start when you're on your chosen Netflix profile.

While the new Chrome extension brings up all kinds of Netflix statistics the big one of course is just how long we've been watching, which might be kind of terrifying.

Given that we're right at the end of the year there's no better time to check out just what has been the show you've been binge re-watching like crazy during lockdown and just how many days, hours and minutes you've been hitting the 'continue watching' button.

While I'm slightly nervous to check out my results myself, we have been going through a global pandemic and if watching a bit of TV has helped us all get through it, that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Here's to 2021 am I right?