David Foster opens up about being a new dad again in his 70s 1 year ago

David Foster opens up about being a new dad again in his 70s

His last child was born 34 years before this one.

David Foster has opened up about becoming a dad again and raising a baby in his 70s.

The musician, 72, and wife Katherine McPhee, 37, welcomed their now-11-month-old son Rennie David last year.

Foster, who also has five adult daughters from previous relationships, told People that it's "just great being a dad," and that this stage in his life allows him to spend more time with the baby.

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"It's too cliché to say 'Now I have more time,' but I do: I have more time," he said. "Without any reflection on any of my other children, whom I all love equally, and equally as much as my son."

Foster's other children are Allison Jones Foster, 51, Amy Skylark Foster, 48, Sara Foster, 40, Erin Foster, 39, and Jordan Foster, 35. From them he also has seven grandchildren.

"He plays Mozart and Bach flawlessly," he jokingly continued about his baby boy potentially inheriting his parents' musical abilities. "At 11 months? ...Obviously, we don't see any musical talent yet, but who knows?"


Foster and McPhee married in June 2019 after first meeting on American Idol in 2006, when the Grammy-winner mentored her and other contestants.

The couple have been the subject of both on and offline chatter as McPhee is his fifth wife and, at 35 years his junior, is younger than four of his children.

In December, Foster was met with criticism for posting a photo of McPhee in a bikini and praising her post-baby body, with many comments accusing him of wanting a trophy wife.

"People always make the reference with Kat and I with the age difference, but I've always said there's so many things that can bring a marriage down, and age difference is just one of them," he told People.

"There's so many things that can go wrong. We think we have it pretty together."

McPhee previously told the publication that Foster always wants to "be around the baby".

"It's a growing family, and David's doing great," McPhee said. "He's always walking into a room saying, 'Where's my baby? Where's our baby?' He wants to hold the baby all the time, and be around the baby."