Anna Delvey's dad speaks out about his daughter's actions following 'Inventing Anna' 8 months ago

Anna Delvey's dad speaks out about his daughter's actions following 'Inventing Anna'

He won't be watching the show, that's for sure.

Anna Delvey's father has finally broken his silence over his daughter's actions as she serves time behind bars.

Netflix series Inventing Anna showed how Anna Sorokin passed herself off as "Anna Delvey", the daughter of a rich oil tycoon and conned rich New Yorkers and banks to loan her thousands in cash.

Her real father, Vadim Sorokin, is far from the wealthy lifestyle she portrayed, coming from a small town in Germany after moving there from Moscow.

Speaking candidly to The Daily Mail, Sorokin said: "I speak to Anna three of four times a week from the immigration center in New York and the conversation is always the same - she needs money.

"She is paying people to run around for her in jail, to clean her clothes for her. She has an ability to wrap people around her little finger.


"I've sent her thousands of dollars in the past. At the moment because she is in detention the amounts are small...but even in there she hasn't learned how to control her finances."

While he is still ready to accept her with open arms, Vadim noted that Anna is yet to say she loves her father, rather telling him that she is his "only daughter and you have to help me and give me money. I've no way of doing it myself."

Saying that she is welcome back to their family home in the event that she gets deported from America, her father said that he is willing to help her not make the same mistakes again.

Despite this, Anna allegedly told a Daily Mail reporter that she'd rather be in prison than go back to living with her parents.

Growing up in Eschweiler, Germany, she left at age 19 for Paris where she studied fashion and went under the surname Delvey.

Her father said that he later found out about her arrest through the internet, and has no intention of watching the Netflix series and hopes she can take time to "finally find a place for herself in this world."