Kourtney Kardashian claps back at critic who says she's "finally" with her kids 10 months ago

Kourtney Kardashian claps back at critic who says she's "finally" with her kids

That's the end of that, then.

Kourtney Kardashian isn't having anyone question her parenting skills or role as a mother.

The 42-year-old took a moment to reply to one commenter who implied she doesn't spend much time with her kids.

In a series of photos posted to her Instagram account, she shared a look at her family's trip to Mexico to celebrate her fiancé Travis Barker's birthday.

Kourtney, two of her children and Travis' 15-year-old daughter Alabama can be seen enjoying some family time whilst horseback riding on the beach.

"Oh wow you're with your kids finally????" one Instagram user wrote.

The mother-of-three replied: "I'm with my kids every day thank God, social media isn't always real life. ❤️"


The first-born Kardashian shares sons Mason, 11, and Reign, 6, as well as daughter Penelope, 9, with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick.

Travis' son Landon, 18, also joined the couple and his sister on the celebratory holiday.

Kourtney isn't the only one who has faced this sort of criticism, as her pal Megan Fox opened up about navigating public life as a divorced mother earlier this summer.

"There's so much judgment," Megan said in an interview with InStyle, adding that she's always subjected to the question, "where are your kids?"

"Do you ask their dad when he's out? No, because you don't expect a dad to be with the kids all the time, but I'm supposed to not be seen and be at home with my kids," she vented.

"They have another parent. I have to leave and sometimes I don't want them photographed and they don't come with me. This whole year I've been very surprised by how archaic some of the mindsets still are in some people."