Kylie Jenner is getting a lot of backlash over her new swimwear line 1 year ago

Kylie Jenner is getting a lot of backlash over her new swimwear line

The swimsuits are being criticised for their terrible quality.

Kylie Jenner is receiving a lot of criticism following the launch of her new swimwear line after customers said the products are poor quality.

The 24-year-old has been busy lately, launching her new business ventures - KylieSwim and KylieBaby - in the space of two weeks. The highly anticipated swimwear line launched on 17 September - and fans are not impressed.

The swimwear looks amazing in the ad campaigns, but the products that the majority of customers are receiving  appear to be very different.

TikTok user @briannaxrenee uploaded a video of her order, showing off the terrible quality of the swimsuits.

The video, which has been viewed more than 12.9 million times, shows the seams falling apart due to poor stitching, dangling threads and completely see through material.

People were quick to express their disgust in the comments.

"She is a BILLIONAIRE why can’t she get the right materials to get good quality swimsuits made?” one user asked.

"Not worth $80, I'll stay on Shein," another user said.


"I have a degree in fashion design and make bikinis, and I can tell you that clear elastic sticking out is cheapest you can buy on the market," a third user added.

Other customers took to Twitter to complain about their orders, with some calling the line "cheap" and "horrendous."

"Kylie swimwear is just horrendous..." said one dissapointed shopper.

"The quality of the Kylie Jenner swim line is so cheap. So dissapointed," said another.

Kylie has yet to address the criticism.