Laura Whitmore admits she used to judge the people who went on Love Island 10 months ago

Laura Whitmore admits she used to judge the people who went on Love Island

She's not the only one.

Laura Whitmore has admitted that before she became the host of Love Island, she used to judge the people who would apply for the show.

The 36 year old revealed that after knowing the people involved in the show, she hates how she would think of the show in the past, but is proud of herself for changing her mind about it and becoming more accepting.

The Bray native is set to return to our screens this summer for the eighth series of the show.

Whitmore told Angela Scanlon on the Thanks A Million podcast this week: “I mean, before I even watched Love Island, I remember thinking “Ugh, what’s this show!”.

“And then I start watching it. And I became gripped by it. I love that show.


“I’m a fan of the show, been a fan of that show for years, but I 100% judged people who entered that show before I watched it."

Admitting that she believes we all may have judged the show at one time or another, but couldn't stress enough at how important it is to be able to change your mindset.

She continued: "And I think we all judge people. I’ve judged so many people before I got to know them and I hate myself for that, but that’s just what we probably do as humans, but one thing I like about myself is that I had the ability to change my mind and get to know people.

"We live in an age where we read headlines, or we look at memes as opposed to read the full article.

“So for me, I’m trying to read the full article and not just that…and conversation is always open. I love a bit of progressive conversation."