Lauren Goodger says she is "on road of recovery" in update to fans 9 months ago

Lauren Goodger says she is "on road of recovery" in update to fans

"I am taking every bit of self love I can."

TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has told fans that she is now on a "road of recovery" in a new update on Instagram.

Lauren tragically lost her daughter Lorena shortly after birth earlier this summer, and has since been sharing her grief with her social media followers.

In her latest post, she told fans that she is trying to practice "self-love" after receiving cosmetic treatment.

"My first post in a long time," she wrote. "It's a road of recovery and I am taking every bit of self love I can ... thank you @cosmessex Emma for making me feel pretty again it's been 2 years since I've had work on my face I had 2 babies back to back and had a lot of heartache pain and traumas but I am finding me again."

She added: "It's going (to) take time for my body shape to come back and my mind to stop over thinking but slowly I am on my way I had lips, nose and anti-wrinkle."

Lauren added the hashtag "selflove" to her post.


Last week, the reality star shared that she got her daughters ashes tattooed into her skin.

Sharing a photo of the tattoo on Instagram, she wrote: "So my Lorena tattoo has been tattooed with her ashes. It's something special. Her ashes are now tattooed into me forever.

"Everyday I go through my list that is full of things that I have to do either for my babies, my home, my future for my Larose and my baby. This was one on my list that was on my mind everyday and I'm so glad it's (done)."

She had previously thanked fans for supporting her as she copes with her trauma.

"During this traumatic time I've lost but I've also gained some values in this awful heartbroken time," she penned.