'Girls' star Lena Dunham shares plans to adopt a child 10 months ago

'Girls' star Lena Dunham shares plans to adopt a child

The star previously opened up her experience with IVF treatment.

Lena Dunham has revealed that she plans to adopt a child in the next two years.

The Girls actress has always been vocal about her struggles with endometriosis, which resulted in her undergoing a hysterectomy procedure last year.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lena opened up about her recent marriage to musician Luis Felber and how it has made her contemplate motherhood more than ever.

“I’ll be 36 this year. I don’t feel like turning 38 without a child," she said.

She had previously shared her negative experience with IVF, which she attempted last year following her hysterectomy.

After having her cervix, uterus and one ovary removed, a doctor told her that it would still be possible to harvest eggs from her remaining ovary and become a biological parent. Unfortunately, none of her eggs were viable.


"IVF destroyed my body, as a woman who tends towards rampant endometriosis filling my body with estrogen..." she said.

"And because of what my body has been through, subjecting it to such excruciating pain, only to come to the end and learn those eggs were not viable, after working so hard through illness and discomfort and going through anxiety and depression, it is just clearly not something I can ever repeat."

She continued: "I think women often have a keen instinct about what is happening with their own bodies - and I had an instinct that it probably wouldn't work.

"I had hopes it would, but to be honest, I'd already made my peace about becoming an adoptive mother."

In September 2020, Lena tied the knot with her fiancé at a beautiful ceremony in London, after announcing their relationship in April.

She referred to him as "the greatest person" she had ever met, adding that she felt "really lucky" to have met him.