Love Island fans react to first major fight of the series 1 week ago

Love Island fans react to first major fight of the series

Some compared Haris' behaviour to last year's boys.

Last night's Love Island saw the first dose of drama, as Shaq and Haris got all fired up.

The fight all started with a simple game of ping pong meets dares, but as any Love Island fan knows, the games on this show are never as innocent as they sound.

During the game, Tanya was dared to kiss the three male contestants she thinks would be the best kisser, but she didn't select Shaq, who she is currently coupled up with. Elsewhere in the game, the show's latest bombshell David was dared to kiss the islander he fancies the most for 30 seconds, which led him to smooch Tanya.

Afterwards, the boys parsed through the night's antics, but things escalated quite quickly, when Haris asked David how his kiss with Tanya went. This led to an explosive argument between Shaq and Haris, as Shaq accused Haris of stirring the pot.

Haris told Shaq, "You shut the f**k up", and Shaq responded saying, "You shut the f**k up you f***ing p***k."

Haris then told Shaq not to speak to him that way, which in turn led Shaq to say, "I'll speak to you however I want."

As they exchanged heated words, the other boys had to step in to physically pull them away from each other. Similarly, the villa's ladies looked alarmed and perplexed as they tried to make sense of what was happening.


On Twitter, fans shared their disbelief at what they just saw.

One wrote: "Why did Shaq and Haris even start fighting for?? I'm so confused."

Others compared Haris to Jacques, Luca and Dami on last year's season, and claimed that he was using the excuse of "banter" to get away with bad behaviour.

Another wrote: "I feel Shaq though. Why is Haris twisting the knife like that?"

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and on the Virgin Media Player.

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