A new documentary about Fred and Rose West is coming to ITV later this year 1 year ago

A new documentary about Fred and Rose West is coming to ITV later this year

Fred and Rose West: Reopened will air later this year on ITV.

This article contains content that some readers may find upsetting.

ITV have announced that a new documentary surrounding the Fred and Rosemary West case is in the works.

The convicted serial killers tortured and murdered at least 12 people in Gloucestershire between 1967 and 1987.

The bodies of their victims were buried underneath their house in Gloucester.

In 1994, Fred West was charged with 11 murders and Rose was charged with 9. Six months later, Fred died in his prison cell after asphyxiating himself.

Rosemary received a life imprisonment sentence, and has been in jail for the past 27 years.

The ITV documentary will be called Fred and Rose West: Reopened, and will focus on the theory that there were more than 12 victims.


The show will follow former detective chief inspector Colin Sutton, author Howard Sounes, reporter Sir Trevor McDonald and investigative psychologist Donna Youngs.

In the documentary, these investigators will follow up on new leads in an attempt to determine the true number of people who were killed by the Wests.

Fred and Rose West: Reopened will also shed some light on some previously unseen documents, including records of their discussions with lawyers.

On top of that, the ITV documentary will visit a number of locations where many theorists believe the Wests buried remains. These include fields outside of Gloucester, a city centre cafe frequented by Fred West, and a location he referred to as "the Farm".

Additionally, Fred and Rose West: Reopened will include interviews with a number of women who claim to have had predatory encounters with Fred West.

The documentary will also hear from the family of Mary Bastholm. Mary went missing in 1968 when she was just 15, and has never been found. The teenager worked at a cafe where Fred was said to have been a regular.

Fred and Rose West: Reopened will air on ITV later this year.