Nicola Coughlan opens up about "best friend" Kim Kardashian: "She's so nice" 10 months ago

Nicola Coughlan opens up about "best friend" Kim Kardashian: "She's so nice"


The latest in the list of celebrity friendships we didn't know we needed might just be the best one yet.

Nicola Coughlan has revealed she's been DM-ing back and forth with superstar Kim Kardashian, who's apparently a massive fan of Bridgerton.

Speaking to Bustle, Nicola said: "I woke up one morning [in 2021] and had a DM from Kim Kardashian. I was like, “What is going on?” So weird! We talked about Bridgerton."

She said that the pair have kept in touch ever since - with Nicola even offering her some words of advice before her big night as host on Saturday Night Live.


"I messaged Kim to say, 'You’re gonna do great!' And she said, 'Thanks, I’m really nervous'. I told her, 'No, you’re gonna kill it'.

"She’s so nice. I’d heard that about her from lots of different people, and I can attest to it now."

The 35-year-old added: "Well, now I’m, like, best friends with Kim Kardashian!"

Nicola also said that while she loves receiving messages from all fans (even when they're not global superstars), she's noticed fame has changed how people see her.

When she started out in Derry Girls, Nicola was as relatively unknown actress but her character Claire quickly became a fan favourite. She then went on to land a role in the hugely popular period drama Bridgerton.

"In the beginning, I really loved interacting with people who were watching the show.

"We were all on the same level, like kids in a classroom together, but the more well known you become, the more you become like a weird teacher, and people start treating you less and less like a real person. That’s hard to deal with."

She added: “Fame is a very strange thing, and can be quite an isolating experience because it’s not something that most people can relate to."