Rebekah Vardy says her publicist may be behind leaked Coleen Rooney stories 8 months ago

Rebekah Vardy says her publicist may be behind leaked Coleen Rooney stories

The 'Wagatha Christie' saga continues.

Rebekah Vardy has said it's possible her publicist could be behind the leaked Coleen Rooney stories her former friend infamously accused her of sharing to the press.

In a new statement submitted to the pair's High Court battle, Rebekah said she has to "accept that it is possible" publicist Caroline Watt "may have had some form of involvement" in leaking stories about Coleen's personal life.

The WAGs have been embroiled in a whodunnit affair since 2019, when Coleen publicly declared that she had gone on a sting operation to find out who had been leaking private details from her family-and-friends-only Instagram account to the media.

In a statement posted online at the time, she claimed to have blocked all but Rebekah's Instagram account from viewing her private Story and uploaded a series of fake stories to see if they'd make their way to the tabloids (which they did).

Rebekah vehemently denies leaking the stories and subsequently filed a defamation lawsuit against Coleen.

In her new witness statement to the court, Rebekah said she was “devastated” by the idea that Caroline may have played a role without her knowledge but says the publicist continues to deny any involvement.


"The idea that my close friend and confidante would betray me in this way seems unbelievable to me and almost impossible to accept," the statement reads, as reported by the Mirror. "I have thought about this very carefully.

"I find it very hard to accept that Caroline would deceive me in this way. I do not know what to think. I do not know what role Caroline played in relation to those articles which appear to have come from Coleen’s private Instagram account but I have to accept that it is possible that she may have had some form of involvement that I don’t know about."

The mum says she finds it "hard to believe given all her denials and her support" during the case, but that she "can’t understand why the journalists would indicate otherwise".

"I know nothing of this and I certainly did not authorise or condone her to leak information from Coleen’s private Instagram to the Sun," she continued. "I am devastated by all this.

"Not only have I been libelled by Coleen but I have had to face allegations that my close friend has been involved with this, and she is in such a fragile state that I can’t even address it with her properly."

The libel battle between the two women has been going on since 2020. A full trial is due to take place later this year.