Sports Illustrated model walks the runway mid-IVF cycle 1 year ago

Sports Illustrated model walks the runway mid-IVF cycle

"I hope to represent the women yearning to grow their family… who may have experienced loss..."

A Sports Illustrated rookie for its annual Swimsuit Issue walked the runway in the middle of her IVF cycle.

Katrina Scott, co-founder of the fitness brand Tone It Up, is currently undergoing fertility treatment after suffering two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy.

For the IVF, she had a hysteroscopy, after which she was put on high levels of oestrogen.

At the same time, she got a call from Sports Illustrated to see if she would be interested in walking the runway during their Swim Week show.

"I didn't feel ready — (the) amount of swelling and hormones, the amount of things that were happening (with my body), but I said, 'I'm going to agree to this even though this is such a crazy time in my body,'" Katrina told Today.

The entrepreneur said she felt comfortable and confident on the runway thanks to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editor MJ Day, who told her to just enjoy it and have fun.


"If MJ sat there and told me to walk or look a certain or prepare a certain way, I would have overthought everything," she explained.

Katrina, who is already mum to 2-year-old daughter Isabelle, will appear as a rookie in its 2021 Swimsuit Issue, launching July 19.

"It's pretty cool to be a rookie at 37 as a mom," she continued. "So many of us as women, we don't feel ready — we're not ready to go to the pool, or beach.

"I wanted to walk that runway exactly as I am right now. You are ready no matter what stage you're in and I am just really honored to be part of that."

Katrina also wrote in an Instagram post that she hopes in walking the show, she represented women who are struggling with fertility issues or have experienced pregnancy loss.