4 amazing benefits of starting a family herb garden 10 months ago

4 amazing benefits of starting a family herb garden

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Here's why your family should grow your own herbs this summer.

Now that we're well into the summer holidays and the good weather is finally making an appearance, there's no doubt you're trying to think of new ways to keep the kids busy during the summer holidays.

Any new hobbies or activities that can keep them busy are well worth trying, and it's always a big bonus if it gets them spending more time outdoors too.

Mash Direct are currently running their Grow Your Own Campaign, to encourage people to plant their own herbs and vegetables this summer. During the pandemic, a lot of us have taken to gardening to pass some time and Mash Direct want to keep this trend going now that restrictions are easing.

Creating your very own herb garden is the perfect way to keep the kids occupied this summer. Not only do herbs grow quickly, they're also really easy to look after, making them ideal for kickstarting your child's gardening experience.

With that in mind, here are some of the many reasons why growing your own food at home could do your kids the world of good this summer.

It'll encourage them to spend time outdoors


Spending a day out in the garden planting their herbs or veg is a great weekend activity for kids of all ages. Getting into the routine of checking on and watering the plants everyday will also ensure they're getting out throughout the summer too.

They can try some new veg

Encouraging kids to eat their veggies is no easy task, especially when it's something they haven't tried before. But it might be a bit more appealing if they've grown the veg themselves, so get them to try the food they've grown and try find some simple recipes you can incorporate them into.

It can boost creativity

Encourage your kids to get artsy and decorate their plant pots however they like. A bit of paint and some decorations will add that personal touch to their plants, and it makes the whole process a bit more fun too!

It's a fun way to learn

Most importantly, growing your own food should be a fun and enjoyable way for your family to pass a few hours outdoors, but it can also be a pretty educational pastime.

The great thing about growing herbs is how quickly and easily they sprout, so your child should see their hard work paying off throughout the summer. As they learn how to grow and care for their plants, you can also use it as an opportunity to teach them how sunlight, soil and water all play a role in helping plants to thrive.

Mash Direct is an Award winning independent company started by Martin and Tracy Hamilton at their family-run farm in Comber, in 2004.

For more information on Mash Direct and on how to Grow Your Own, click here.

Brought to you by Mash