11 classic kids TV shows that you can watch on Netflix, YouTube and DisneyPlus 2 years ago

11 classic kids TV shows that you can watch on Netflix, YouTube and DisneyPlus

Looking for good shows to stream for the kids?

After a little bit of school work from home all kids deserve a little TV time as a treat.

With so many different shows on demand now it can be hard to know what to choose or what site to stream it from.

One thing I've noticed becoming popular at the moment is the resurgence or revival of classic kids TV shows.

Recently Are You Afraid of the Dark and Saved By The Bell said that they were coming back with new episodes and Fraggle Rock recently recorded and released a new season during lockdown.

Classic kids TV is huge at the moment so if you want to go for a trip down memory lane with the kids here are some shows you can start off with.


Netflix is the go-to for a lot of us. It's sort of become the updated version of going to the video shop to rent a film.


Almost every household has a Netflix account (or no someone you can borrow it from) so during the week why not check out these nostalgic shows?

The Magic School Bus 1994-1997

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers 1993-1996

Goosebumps 1995-1998

Pokémon 1997


Ok, so unofficially there are a lot of shows uploaded and watchable on YouTube, but there are also official channels on YouTube which have copyright to broadcast the shows that they host.


There are several around but I found two shows in particular that brought back Saturday morning flashbacks.

Dexter's Lab 1996-2003

Round The Twist 1990 - 2001

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is the new kid on the block, only recently launching, but it's already incredibly popular.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that well, it has everything Disney, but like the Plus suggests there's much more including shows that didn't always fall under the Disney umbrella.

Below are some shows from the Disney channel and the not-so-Disney channel that might bring back memories;

Doug 1991-1994

Boy Meets World 1993 - 2000

Recess 1997 - 2001