#entertainingathome: Irish Ladybirds want ladybird photos from your garden 3 years ago

#entertainingathome: Irish Ladybirds want ladybird photos from your garden

A fun activity for all the family.

Thinking of new and interesting things to do with the kids is a little tricky right now.

We can't fall back on going to the cinema or to the playground as, well they're shut and we're all trying to practice social distancing as best as we possibly can.

So we have to rely on things that we can do as a family around the house like baking, crafts, games and maybe even music.

Still it's nice to get outside as much as possible and one great way to have some fun outdoors is to go on a bug hunt.

Irish Ladybirds are asking for families all around Ireland to step out into their gardens and try to photograph native ladybirds.

The nature organisation have put out similar calls before so that they could document the population of ladybirds in Ireland but this time it's for a different reason.


Irish Ladybirds are actually running a competition for the best photo, so there's an added bonus incentive to getting out into the garden.

The group posted to social media this week with contact details for any families who wish to enter this month's competition;

"Anyone wishing to enter this months photo competition should email the photos, name of street, town or townland if rural, plus the date to irishladybirds@yahoo.com.

Please don't post on the page if you wish to enter the competition.

Thanks so much for your patience and support.
Best wishes.
Irish Ladybirds."

Since the schools closed my two kids have hardly been out of our back garden so this sounds like a great project for them to get involved in.

It would also make a great alternative to an egg hunt as all local ones have been called off this year due to COVID-19.