Gaiety Theatre brings you this year’s Pantomime ‘The Jungle Book’ 7 months ago

Gaiety Theatre brings you this year’s Pantomime ‘The Jungle Book’

We can't wait!

Forget about your worries and your strife as the Gaiety Theatre brings you this year’s Pantomime, ‘The Jungle Book’ from 27 November 2022 until 8 January 2023.

Even better, tickets are on sale now. Race you there!

Join the cast of The Jungle Book on a tropical adventure with Mowgli, the man-child, as he swings and sings his way through this jungle journey.

Filled with Panto monkey-business and hiss-sterical shenanigans, we meet all your favourite jungle friends along the way, plus a few familiar animal crackers.

But beware, as who knows what could be lurking in the leafy shadows as danger is never very far when evil is on the prowl.


So, for the bare necessities of life look no further than this year’s Gaiety Pantomime, ‘The Jungle Book’ because…This is no ordinary Panto….. It’s the Gaiety Panto!!!

The Gaiety Theatre has hosted the annual Christmas Panto each year since 1873.

Today, families come from far and wide to experience the Gaiety Christmas Panto and for many it has become as much a family Christmas tradition as Santa himself!

I've personally been going to the Gaiety panto since I was a child and I can't wait to bring my children.

If you would like to book tickets for the Jungle Book you can through either Gaiety Theatre Box Office South King Street, Dublin 2 from Monday to Saturday 11am – 6pm or online through