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Giovanna Fletcher shares son's relatable new dinner time habit
Parents will definitely be able to relate to this

"Buddy is being a little monkey lately."

Giovanna Fletcher has shared the dinner time habit her 18 month old son has developed - and parents will definitely be able to relate.

The author is mum to Buddy and three year old Buzz with her husband, McFly's Tom Fletcher.

She took to social media to explain to fans how her youngest son  is no longer a fan of sitting in his high chair when it is comes time to eat.

She wrote alongside a snap of the beaming toddler:

"Buddy is being a little monkey lately.

"He'll sit in his highchair for a few mouthfuls of dinner (enough to curb his hunger) before kicking off."

The reason?


She continued:

"He wants to sit in a chair like the rest of us... as soon as that happens he turns back into the happiest little chap!"

And it looks like plenty of mums were able to relate, as Giovanna's post was soon flooded with comments.

One person said:

"My little one is doing exactly the same, he is 21 months. It's either the big boy chair or my 'yap' (lap) "

Another added:

"My little girl is about the same age and she is being exactly like that, what's to sit on a chair like a big girl, they are monkeys!

"But glad it's not just me going through this! xx"

Meanwhile, a different person simply added:

"Think your little man wants to be a big boy."

A fourth person said:

"My little one is exactly the same, had to give in and let him sit on a dining chair.

"It isn't worth the tantrums. The joys of kids  x"

Featured image via Giovanna Fletcher's instagram

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