Nore Valley Park cancels pumpkin picking event, here is how you can still support them 2 years ago

Nore Valley Park cancels pumpkin picking event, here is how you can still support them

One of the many Halloween events cancelled this year.

Like most parents I was looking forward to bringing my children to our nearby pumpkin patch this year.

Unfortunately, due to the country being raised to Phase 3, many Halloween events, if not all have been cancelled.

This has had a huge knock on effect for both the organisers of such events and the famers that supply these events.

One of the many pumpkin picking events that has had to close it's doors to the public this year is the popular Nore Valley Park, but they are still asking those who live nearby to support them.

Nore Valley Park is asking those that can to please buy a pumpkin from the farmer that usually supplies them with pumpkins for their patch.

"We’re so sad we have to cancel our pumpkin picking due to the new restrictions. The corona virus is esp hard on small businesses and we’d love you to support the local farmer who was growing the pumpkins for us.

He’s willing for you to come to his farm and buy the pumpkins directly from the field. You can visit him at R95 TA49, and call them on 087 7596055 to arrange collection.


Nore Valley Park is based in Kilkenny and under Phase 3 guidelines only those living in the county should partake in buying from the farm mentioned in their post.

Photo from iStock.

I think this is a great suggestion from Nore Valley Park and one I hope other pumpkin picking events put out to their followers too.

Just because the event can't go ahead doesn't stop the pumpkins from already being grown and it would be such a shame for them to go to waste and for the work of the farmers to go to waste too.

Just think, if you buy several you can do your own pumpkin patch at home!