Pride Month : I made Pride cards with my children to send to friends and family 2 years ago

Pride Month : I made Pride cards with my children to send to friends and family

June is Pride month.

I've always celebrated Pride with my children and most years we attend the parade and different family-friendly Pride events together.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak this year, all Pride events have had to be cancelled (in person events, some virtual events will still take place) so we've had to celebrate Pride in a different way this year.

In one of my previous articles I mentioned how one of the LGBT+ groups that I'm part of set up a pen pal system at the start of lockdown, and through it during the month of June we've all been sending each other Pride cards.

I thought this would be a lovely thing to get the kids in on as they also have family that are LGBT+ so over the last few days we've been making Pride cards together as a family.




We bought coloured paper and made different coloured cards to represent the different colours of the Pride flag.

Each colour on the Pride flag represents something different, for example the green stripe on the flag represents nature and the purple stripe represents spirit.

During my hunt for card making supplies I happened to come across rainbow coloured post-its that the kids thought would make great mini flags to put inside each card.

We sent them off in the post this morning so hopefully they'll be with our friends and family in the next couple of days.

This is just one way that you can get the kids involved in Pride but if you have teenagers they should still be able to take part in virtual events through the Dublin Pride website and BelongTo.