Tayto Park announce dinosaur themed rollercoaster – ‘Dino Dash’ 2 months ago

Tayto Park announce dinosaur themed rollercoaster – ‘Dino Dash’

We need to have a go on this!

Today, Tayto Park have announced plans to open a brand new dinosaur themed rollercoaster for kids, ‘Dino Dash’.

Opening on Saturday, 9th of April, this first of its kind attraction in Ireland will mark the latest addition for children at the theme park and zoo.

Reaching heights of 11.7 metres this state of the art attraction is a gently paced but exciting ride for youngsters, reaching up to speeds of 50Kph.

The 260 metre long track will accommodate 10 safari themed carriages carrying 20 people at a time and is set to give dino fans the ultimate roar-some adventure!

Designed by Dutch company, Vekoma this latest addition to Tayto Park marks an investment of over €3million, unique to Tayto Park ‘Dino Dash’ will include an innovative track layout designed to give a smoother ride and better experience!


Speaking at the launch, Founder of Tayto Park, Raymond Coyle said,

"At Tayto Park we’re always looking for innovative and creative ways to enhance the experience for families at our theme park and zoo and what better way to do that than creating a dinosaur themed rollercoaster with a world’s first innovative track design.

I have no doubt this will be a popular choice amongst our younger visitors, with many new attractions in the pipeline as part of our €30million investment over the next two years."

As well as launching their new Dino Dash ride, Tayto Park will host the ultimate Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday, 17th of April.

Families will be able to come and crack the secret code to discover Mr Tayto's hidden stash of chocolate Easter eggs dotted across the theme park and zoo!

New rollercoaster and an egg hunt? Sounds like it's going to be some Easter up at Tayto Park. Might just have to check it out myself.