It's Good To Talk: there's a new online show for young people and mental health 10 months ago

It's Good To Talk: there's a new online show for young people and mental health

A nice initiative.

There's a new online show dedicated to young people's attitudes towards mental health, human connections, and the importance of opening up dialogues about certain topics.

It's Good To Talk is aimed at tackling the stigma among young people around mental health.

Three Ireland and charity partner Jigsaw have launched the four-part series in the hope that young people will learn to talk about their issues openly and honestly.

The series also wants to encourage older people to become 'one good adult' to younger people in need. According to Jigsaw, those availing of their services expressed the positive contribution that their 'one good adult' had in their lives.

Hosted by Stephen Byrne, each episode of the series will feature a panel of guests chatting about their own mental health experiences, their struggles, and how they tried to overcome their own problems.

Episode one, out now, features blogger Louise Cooney, martial arts expert John Kavanagh, and comedian Aoife Dooley.

The insightful chat focuses on each panelist's experience of school, their formative teenager years, and how they learned to become 'one good adult.'

Jigsaw's Mike Mansfield says that he hopes the initiative will normalise mental health discussion among young people.

“Bringing content like this to the masses is hugely important in achieving Jigsaw’s ambitions for Ireland’s young people," he said.

"For us, it’s less around simply raising awareness for youth mental health and more around delving deeper into conversation around human connections, the power of conversation and the value of One Good Adult in all our lives."

You can watch episode one of It's Good To Talk here: