6 great ways to get your family back to nature this summer 9 months ago

6 great ways to get your family back to nature this summer

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Get out and get adventurous!

Ireland may not be the perfect place for scorching hot summers. It's not the country to go to if you want an entirely rain-free season. To be honest, we count ourselves lucky if we get more than one cloud-free day in all of June, July, and August. We must say, though, the clouds and rain leave us with a pretty stunning landscape.

Without the weather that we get, we'd never have become known as the Emerald Isle. We may grumble about the rain but it's so worth it for the beautiful country that it gives us.

So this year it's time to celebrate our own amazing scenery. Delve back into nature and bring the kids with you. There are so many family summer activities to try out if you want to get up close with Ireland's natural landscape but here are just a few of our favourites.

1. Hiking

It's the best and easiest way to get that nature fix. If your kids are a bit older, don those hiking boots and try a few green mountain trails. If you have little ones in tow, there are tons of easy hikes that do not compromise on scenery. Take the Causeway Coast in Antrim, for example. You won't find those sights anywhere else in the world. No matter where you're living in Ireland, we can guarantee that there are plenty of hiking routes nearby. Just have a little search around, pack a picnic, and get going.

2. Swimming

Swimming in Ireland may be more of a challenge than a hobby, but it's still great fun. There's honestly nothing better than the family getting together on a sunny day and heading to the beach. Throw on some swimsuits for that absolutely necessary run-in-run-out "swim" and bring some cosy towels to snuggle up in afterwards. If you want to make a proper day of it, bring along a BBQ for some delicious nibbles afterwards.

3. Trying a new activity

Kids try new things all the time. Adults not so much. Summer is time for you to get adventurous too, parents! Find something that none of you has done before and give it a go all together. Or get the kids to teach you about one of their favourite activities. Perhaps it's time to try your hand at extreme trampolining? Maybe a round of crazy golf? Don't knock it 'till you try it. It'll be a fun learning experience for you and the kids get to feel like the boss for a few minutes. (Not that they don't always feel like the boss...)

4. Cycling

Cycling has got to be one of the best and most convenient ways to get a little bit of activity in. If you're heading somewhere like the shops, just choose the bike instead of the car and, voila, you're done. In recent years, cycling has become huge in Ireland, and we mean HUGE. Scenic cycle lanes are popping up here, there, and everywhere. Why not make a weekend of it and head over to the West for a few days of cycling the Great Western Greenway? Or head to Louth to try out the Great Eastern Greenway for a shorter cycle.

5. Learning about nature

There are so many fascinating things about the natural world and kids are at their most curious when they're young. Make a list of items for them to find in nature and then you can all learn about those items once the little ones have collected them. You'd be mad not to take full advantage of their curiosity before "learning" becomes a chore. At this age, everything is a game to them, even education. Make the most of it.

6. Gardening

It may sound boring but kids get so excited by the idea of planting something that will eventually turn into a beautiful flower. Head to the shop with your little ones and let them pick out one or two packets of seeds to plant. If you don't have a garden, they could be planted at a grandparent's house. Or else buy a flowerpot to grow them inside. Get the kids to water them and look after them as they grow. It will teach your kids responsibility and you get to see their delighted little faces once the buds start poking through.

See? There are so many easy ways to experience and interact with nature without going entirely Bear Grylls about it. The little ones will love have you join in the fun.

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Start making the most of summer, parents!

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