7-year-old girl wants photo of a fairy and mum doesn't know what to do 3 years ago

7-year-old girl wants photo of a fairy and mum doesn't know what to do

You never want to disappoint your little ones.

Whether it's forgetting to buy them the cake they like for their birthday or not keeping a promise you made weeks ago, it always takes a little bit out of our hearts if we disappoint our kids for one reason or another.

However, this mum doesn't know what to do after her little girl said she wants to try get a photo of a fairy.

For background, the 7-year-old has a little fairy door and has left a note out for the fairy asking it to take a picture.

The mother wrote on Mumsnet:

"My DD, 7, has thought of a foolproof way of discovering if fairies are real. She has a fairy door in her room and a mailbox and this is where the tooth fairy leaves her money and occasionally notes.

"So tonight she has written a letter to the fairy with instructions how to take a selfie with her tablet. I can't find a believable image for her so should I just leave it? I can't bear for her to be disappointed in the morning!"


Many mums replied to the post, and some had some very nifty tricks up their sleeves. One commented:

"Leave a note from the fairy explaining the tablet is too heavy for her to lift," while another mention, "Can you do a 'mistake' shot of the carpet, or the ceiling, as though she had tried."

While another said:

"Fairies as magical beings don't show up on technology otherwise they'd be caught on cctv all the time. It is part of their magic the only way to see a fairy is in person or in a drawing (depending how good an artist you are)."