The moment a toddler meets his newborn sister for the first time has gone viral 9 months ago

The moment a toddler meets his newborn sister for the first time has gone viral

Meeting a new sibling is a big moment for any child.

There's emotion, happiness, and maybe even a little bit of jealousy.

If the child in question is a bit younger, they may not understand exactly why a new baby has arrived to take all of their parents' attention, and it might also become difficult for parents to ensure that their firstborn feels just as loved as their newborn.

It's a difficult situation that most parents who have more than one child will face, but hopefully the transition ends up being smooth enough for everyone involved.

One woman who recently experienced this was a mum from Florida.

She hired family photographer Jordan Burch to capture the moment her son met his newborn sister for the first time.

Burch said that usually, photographing siblings meeting is usually just adorable, and this little boy was adorable... Just in a different way.

Burch shared the images on Facebook, and wrote that the little boy's mum had said that he was the baby and that the newborn girl was "a surprise."

"Yet, still here she was and your momma, while she LOVED this sweet little girl, with a head full of hair... and a tiny bow she was so worried about you.

"She didn't know if you'd understand.
(you wouldn't)

"She didn't know, if she'd got to love you, long enough yet. All alone.

"Enough, for you to know that there was nothing and no one that could make her love you less, but those, those are hard conversations for a 22-month old."

Burch went on to say to before the mum's son even walked through the door, she was crying, knowing what his reaction would be.

She also knew, however, that one day he would realise how much he loved his baby sister too.

Burch wrote:

"There is this unconditional, unexplainable kind of lov that even if it isn't felt, all the time it's always there.

'But aside from that, there's this other kind of love - a big brother, kind of love, one that you don't know about yet, but you'll soon learn."