What this bride did after her hen party will absolutely destroy you 3 years ago

What this bride did after her hen party will absolutely destroy you

Ah, what?

Hen parties are generally fun.

There's drink, there's food, there's an abundance of straws shaped like penises that you drink out of because haha, drinking out of a penis, hysterical, am I right?!

Like we said - lots of fun.

When all is said and done though, as the sashes are hung up and the karaoke mic placed down, you'd expect to just get back to your regular life.

You'd hardly expect to be hit with an itemised invoice concerning every single individual thing you ate or drank on the night.

That would be madness, surely.

Apparently not.

So I received an invoice from the bachelorette party from r/bridezillas


The above list was received by a Reddit user who said that after she attended a hen party, she was hit with the invoice.

It's divided by seven, and includes things like lemonade, Sprite, cotton candy, and watermelon.

All divided by seven. All seven people expected to cough up.

Yeah, honestly.

Is it standard procedure to chip in to a hen party beforehand to cover the cost? Of course it is.

But is it a bit mad to send the above list to each person who attended asking them to pay literally about 20c for some Sprite they maybe didn't drink? Yes. Definitely.

When asked if the party was super boring considering the lack of money spent on alcohol, the Reddit user said that most people brought their own booze anyway.

She said:

"The party wasn’t even fun (because) she was trying so hard to make it a picture perfect party and it seemed unnatural and more like a business transaction."

Grim enough.

She also confirmed that there were, in fact, only four pizzas at the party despite the bride-to-be apparently spending over 80 quid on them.


She sounds like a lot of fun.