Corrie's Sarah and Gary are about to face some serious relationship trouble 11 months ago

Corrie's Sarah and Gary are about to face some serious relationship trouble

Love is not real and it never was.

Over the years, Coronation Street's Sarah Platt has had her fair share of fellas.

There was Todd who ended up being homosexual. There was Todd's brother Jason who ended up dumping her. And there was Gary Windass.

Sarah and Gary have a pretty solid thing going. They're planning to get married, they have a nice time together, they seem to get on.

Pretty sound setup.

However, there's been rumblings and rumours abound that one of Corrie's most iconic couples are going to split up - and actor Tina O'Brien has pretty much confirmed that it's true.

She told ITV that Gary will confess to Sarah that he's been lying to her and that he's in a lot of debt to a loan shark.

Although Sarah knows that debts aren't the worst things in the entire world, she feels betrayed by Gary and isn't all that delighted by his behaviour.

So much so that she doesn't know if their relationship is going to survive.

"Sarah is so shocked," said Tina.

"She had absolutely no idea what was going on. Gary very convincingly told her that the reason he had some money was that he got paid for a job in advance and I don't think she had any reason to doubt him.

"She believed the days of him lying to her were over. There's been a lot of financial pressure on them recently, but she trusted him."

O'Brien went on to say that Sarah is very much of the (correct) opinion that relationships need to be built on trust and respect - two things she hasn't been seeing in her relationship with Gary.

"I don't know how much more of this she can take," she said. "It remains to be seen whether they can get through this."

"It's a question of whether the relationship can survive much longer when there's such a lack of communication. She's quite a tolerant partner, but she's sick of the lies.

"In the past I would have said they could have got over this, but this time I'm not sure. At this point, although Sarah still loves him, she's very doubtful whether they have a future together."