People outraged as man throws lavish baby shower for wife - then keeps gifted money for himself 1 year ago

People outraged as man throws lavish baby shower for wife - then keeps gifted money for himself

Why do men.

A man has come under fire for planning a surprise baby shower for his wife - and then keeping all the money gifted to the couple to reimburse himself.

Posting to Reddit's infamous Am I The Asshole forum, the dad-to-be explained how he wanted to make his wife feel special and decided to splash his cash on an elaborate party.

Afterwards, he deposited the money gifted by guests to his account, and couldn't understand why his wife was mad at him.

"I spent $2,500 on this venue which I was prepared to do and okay with," he wrote.

"My wife wanted something smaller initially but I wanted to do the co ed thing and invite my friends and family too. After paying for the place, my account was depleted and I won't be paid again for 2 weeks.

"So I took all the cash we were given in cards and deposited into my account. We ended up getting about $1600, so I only ended up paying less than $1000 for the shower.

"My wife is upset about this because she feels as if the money should be used for more baby things and not to 'pay myself back', as she put it."


He went on to say that he felt his wife was being "ungrateful" about the situation.

"She's also upset because a majority of the money came from her family. I honestly just assumed any money we got was going into paying for the shower," he said.

Over 3,900 people responded to the post, and most were quick to criticise the man for his actions - informing him that he was, in fact, the asshole.

"This was irresponsible and self serving," one person wrote.

"He went with a bigger venue so that his friends could come...and most of the money came from her side. AKA, he threw himself a party with OP's baby money," another said.

"The point of a baby shower is to celebrate the incoming baby and shower the couple with gifts for the (gasp) baby... So to spend more on the event itself than bringing in gifts/cash that you received, defeats the entire point," a third added.

Following the discussion in the comments, the man edited his original post to say that he had since realised he'd made a "rash and impulsive decision" that was "based on insecurity" and will keep the money for the baby.