These edible fidget spinners will keep EVERYONE happy 5 years ago

These edible fidget spinners will keep EVERYONE happy

It's the obsession that keeps on giving.

We can safely say the world is obsessed with fidget spinners. They're cheap, entertaining and our kids won't put them down. So we knew it was only a matter of time before the obsession reached a weird and wonderful new level, well the time has arrived.

Edible fidget spinners are beginning to do the rounds online, we're seeing some different versions pop up but we're fairly sure the first one came courtesy of Dallas-based custom cookie creator Clearly Cookies.

The frosted sugar cookie comes in two different styles, a spinning version (which costs more) and one that doesn't spin.


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Truth be told, we're not the best bakers in the land, but have no fear... we found a couple of  Youtube tutorials that you can test out with the little ones.

Who said it's bad to play with your food?