Eight-year-old girl's letter to Santa goes viral for the sweetest reason 4 years ago

Eight-year-old girl's letter to Santa goes viral for the sweetest reason

An eight-year-old girl’s letter to Santa has gone viral after she shared her selfless holiday wishlist.

Nadia Prado recently penned her annual letter to Father Christmas - but this year, it had a slight twist.

She explained that she didn't want any presents from St Nick, and actually wanted to make sure he got something for Christmas this year.

Her mum, Diana Vasquez Prado, shared the sweet letter on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

The letter began:

“Dear Santa Claus, since you’ve been giving us presents every year this year I ask for nothing.

“I have toys, a home, family and love.

“So this year I want to make you something.

“Tell me what you want this year and I’ll make it.”


Her mum shared the photo on social media, where it quickly went viral - getting more than 4,500 reshares so far.

She explained that the young girl gave the note to their Elf on the Shelf, Twinkle, so that it would get back to St Nick.

She added alongside the photo:

“When I found it, my heart melted, and I cried. Our favourite holiday is Christmas, and I’ve always tried to instil the true spirit of Christmas into each of my daughters.

“Christmas is about love, happiness and, overall, family.

“There are times that we doubt ourselves as parents.

“There are times that we wonder if we’re doing a good enough job raising good people.

“She has learned that family is everything and love is more important than gifts under a tree. She has learned the spirit of giving.

“So, relax, Santa! Enjoy your moment to be pampered. This Christmas, we’re giving back!"