Feileacain share grief advice for parents after cancellation of remembrance service 2 months ago

Feileacain share grief advice for parents after cancellation of remembrance service

The service was originally planned to take place this week.

The lock down has been difficult for all of us, but even more so for those of us who are grieving.

For parents who have lost a child, you may be missing them now more than ever and I completely understand.

I lost a pregnancy in 2016 and sometimes it can hit you like a wave out of nowhere.

Having a healthy and supportive way of dealing with this grief is incredibly important and that is why Feileacain and The Coombe hospital regularly organise remembrance services for parents dealing with pregnancy and child loss.

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 lock down April's remembrance service, which was set to be held this Sunday, has had to be cancelled.

In lieu of the service, Feileacain have shared some advice for grieving parents on how they can remember their lost babies in their own home.


The organisation, which supports families through miscarriage and infant and child loss, wrote the following on their Facebook page on behalf of The Coombe hospital, Dublin;

"The Coombe have asked us to let you know the following: Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are unable to hold our Annual Service of Remembrance.

This service was due to take place on the 19th of April in Our Lady of Dolours Church, Dolphins Barn.

If you would like to mark this day in your own home our Chaplain Renee Dilworth has provided a beautiful reflection for you to read in your own time.

To heal in grief, it is important to remember your baby and commemorate by name today this precious being whose life ended much too soon. It is good to share memories of your baby.

In moments when you do not believe you will get through another day, cling to the belief that you will survive. Part of healing is believing that there is a path to that healing and that you have the capacity within you to heal. Remember, the path to healing is to find ways that feel right for you to actively and openly mourn the death of your precious Baby.

“I carry your heart in my heart” E.E.Cummings"

If you are in need of grief support during this time you can contact the Feileacain Support Line (085) 249 6464.