Five helpful back to school tips every parent should know 1 year ago

Five helpful back to school tips every parent should know

It's that time again!

The holidays were great but it's time finally time to return to routine – and that can often be the biggest challenge.

In order to try and help you create some order before Monday morning, we have compiled five easy tips to help you get ready for when the dreaded alarm rings after the weekend.

Half of the stress comes from not being prepared, so having a few bits organised before the big return day will help you dramatically.

Here are five tips we swear by:

1. Find and wash the uniforms

One thing we ALL know is the sheer panic on a Monday morning when a tie is missing or a shirt is actually stained. Ease the pain by finding and washing the uniforms now and then hang all the garments on one hanger to soothe stress on Monday morning!

2. De-stink the lunch boxes and bags


UGH! The post holiday lunch bags are never a nice sight but with a drop of hot water, a soft sponge and some laundry detergent or soap, you can have the fabric smelling like new in no time. Another handy tip is to pop a cut lemon wedge into a lunch box overnight to fully remove all smells.

3. Embrace calendar apps

A handy way of keeping on track of all those dental appointments, half days and upcoming parent-teacher meetings is with phone reminders. Keeping everything recorded on your phone will keep you stress free and on the ball. We love Todoist which helps us assign reminders to the whole family – ideal.

4. Stock up on tights

If you have girls – you know. Tights can be a nightmare between holes and wrong fits, we seem to be forever running out of pairs. The best advice, buy a couple pairs before back to school and buy them in a size up to prevent them falling down and that "low crotch" from appearing.

5. Meal prep

Get sorted now by stocking up on lunch bits and breakfast essentials to ensure no last-minute dash to the stores. Make a list before you leave to give yourself time to think – and make sure you don't forget anything.

And lastly, remember mommas – you got this!