Girl wants to get the same haircut as her mum, but she thinks they'll 'look like idiots' 3 years ago

Girl wants to get the same haircut as her mum, but she thinks they'll 'look like idiots'

What would you do?

There's two types of little girls in the world - those that want to look like their mum and those that definitely don't.

However, one mum doesn't know what to do about her daughter wanting the same haircut as her. She took to Mumsnet to say that while she understands why she wants the same haircut (they both have thick hair), she doesn't want them walking around like a "couple of idiots."

She wrote:

"I've got an undercut - less of a style statement of any kind, rather that I have really thick long hair and this means there's less of it to deal with.

"DD (who's 11) has very thick long hair too, and wants the same for the same reasons (she loves her long hair but there's so much of it to wash and dry which I completely sympathise with).

"I don't have an issue in principle with her having it, but think we'll look a couple of idiots walking down the street with the same hair if we both have it done? I'd never consider us wearing the same clothes so AIBU in saying no to this?!"

Many were on the child's side in the situation, saying if she wants it - and it would be easier for her - then why not?


One wrote:

"It's unlikely to look exactly the same though isn't it? Do you have exactly the same colour hair? Does it grow in exactly the same way? Could you have different partings etc?"

While another said:

"So she won’t be bothered by it but you will be? Aren’t you the adult? If she has long thick hair too, and wants to be rid of the same problems as you did, why won’t you let her?"

Would you get your child's hair cut the same as yours?