Here's a simple way to keep your kids safe this flu season 2 years ago

Here's a simple way to keep your kids safe this flu season

Brought to you by the HSE National Immunisation Office. 

It's more important than ever to protect your family this flu season.

The worst thing we can comprehend as parents is to see our little ones in pain right? Well, there's a simple way that you can protect your children, and the entire community, this flu season and that's by getting your kids vaccinated.

Did you know that your child is twice as likely to get the flu then you? And there can be serious ramifications, your child may develop pneumonia, bronchitis and painful ear infections. Almost 5000 children in Ireland were hospitalised with flu in the last 10 years and 40 children died.

I know what you're thinking, they hate needles, who doesn't? But did you know that the child's flu vaccination is a simple nasal spray that's completely painless? It's also free and takes just a simple phone call to your GP or a trip to your local pharmacy to arrange an appointment.

So, why is the flu vaccination for your kids so important?


By getting your kids vaccinated you're not only protecting your whole family but you're also protecting the wider community from flu. If your kids are vaccinated this season it will also help reduce the burden on our healthcare systems responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. For teens in particular, they've missed so much outdoor activity and sporting events, the last thing we want to see is them missing out again in 2021.

The Government are doing all they can to ease the burden on the healthcare systems and they've invested in 600,000 doses of the children's nasal spray vaccine in order to do this. It's so simple to book one too, the appointment is free and you can just call up your GP or local pharmacy today for more information.

The nasal spray flu vaccine is completely painless (literally just a squirt up the nose) and is available for all healthy 2-17 year olds. We've all gone to astronomical lengths to keep our families safe this past year and as flu season is now well and truly upon us, it's up to us to make the decision, book the appointment, so that we can all look forward to a happy and healthy year ahead.

For more information on getting the flu vaccination for your children contact your local pharmacy or GP today. Brought to you by the HSE National Immunisation Office.