We love these cute Irish-designed Father's Day cards 11 months ago

We love these cute Irish-designed Father's Day cards

They're almost as punny as Dad himself...

Dads. Where would society be without them?

Father's Day rolls around each June as a chance to celebrate the impromptu chauffeurs, unintentional bankers and all-round comedians that are dads. This year it falls on Sunday, June 20.

Over the past year-and-a-bit, we've realised the importance of buying Irish more than ever before. In a move that would make our dads proud, many of us have done our bit to support the small businesses and artisans in our communities whilst shopping for ourselves or others during the pandemic.

If you're looking to go beyond the last-minute dash to the supermarket to pick up a Father's Day card, check out these designs by Irish artists. Some are gas craic altogether (as Dad might say) while others are just plain gorgeous.

Have your cake and eat it

These three by the HappyCake Card Company are perfect for the dad who appreciates a good pun. So, eh, most dads, we suppose.


Available to buy here.

Dad mows (and gets rid of spiders) best

These designs by Sophie Holden Halpin Illustrations offer another trio of punny cards, but with a fourth card as tribute to the spidey senses of dads everywhere. Because apparently 999 doesn't classify a spider in your room as an "emergency."

If you wanna order one, slide on into her Instagram DMs.

Dad's the sh*t

Whether you're looking for a more wholesome design or wanna slag your aul fella for his crap jokes, the Unhidden Print's five-card Father's Day collection covers all bases. These cards will tell your dad how you love him to the moon and back or just how spec-tache-ular you think he is. Aaaaaaand we're overdoing the dad jokes. The Father's Day spirit has taken over.

Available to buy on their online store.