J.K Rowling gave this single father the most amazing gift 2 months ago

J.K Rowling gave this single father the most amazing gift

She has a heart of gold!

First of all, I'd like to confirm that we're all massive fans of J.K Rowling... she gave us Harry Potter like.

Anyway, her gifts to society go far beyond creating the most amazing book series of our time.

Recently, single father Matt Burke shared his Harry Potter related story, and it got the Internet talking.

Matt explained that he is a single father, who can barely afford to put food on the table for his little girl.

The father can't take his daughter, abroad or on any trips because of finances, so they take different journeys.

J.K Rowling

The pair delve in to as many books as they can, going on adventures together that cost almost nothing.

And it turns out that Matt's daughter LOVES Harry Potter, and who could blame her?

“Now, if I’m being honest here, at first I was a little bit hesitant about getting involved in it because even in my mid 30’s I still seem to think I’m too cool for some things,” he said in his lengthy blog post.

In a not-so-shocking twist, Matt is loving the books just as much as his daughter.

“We’re having an absolute BLAST reading them together.”

Matt's story has not gone unnoticed, with countless people on Twitter sharing their admiration and support.

J.K Rowling J.K Rowling

However, ultimately it was one particular Tweet that stood out from all the others.

J.K Rowling caught wind of Matt's story, and reached out to him with an amazing gesture.

"The gifts you’re giving your daughter are priceless and I’m truly honoured that Harry & co are playing a part. DM me your address for a set of signed Potters x."


J.K Rowling

Matt took to Twitter to thank J.K:

"I’m still in shock over my interaction with JK ROWLING yesterday, my notifications are going insane. Thanks so much for the kind words everyone! I’m having difficulty keeping up with everything!"

We hope Matt and his little girl love their books.

What a gorgeous story.