The John Lewis Christmas ad featuring Edgar the fire-breathing Dragon is finally here 7 months ago

The John Lewis Christmas ad featuring Edgar the fire-breathing Dragon is finally here

Our hearts, they melt.

And so does everything Edgar gets his burning nostrils on too, apparently.

The John Lewis Christmas advert is finally here, and it appears as if 2019 is a return to traditional for the UK retailer as they've decided to strip back their festive heartache-based promotions this year and present us with something simple - yet entirely effective.

This year's ad gives us Edgar the Dragon - a little guy who just loves Christmas so much that any time he sees anything remotely related to it, he accidentally snorts fire out of his nose and destroys it.

We're talking snowmen, we're talking Christmas trees, we're talking entire festive feasts if the locals of this vague medieval town aren't careful.

Edgar's excitement isolates him from the townspeople, leaving him sad and dejected.

However, the kindness of a young girl allows Edgar to attend Christmas dinner after all, as she presents him with a means of directing his excitable fire-breathing elsewhere.

She gives him a Christmas pudding.

You get the idea.

The ad is wholesome, it's simply, it's got Dan from Bastille covering REO Speedwagon's 'Can't Fight This Feeling' - everything you could possibly need to tug on your heartstrings that little bit this Thursday morning.

And hey, it's no Man On The Moon, but John Lewis hit peak painful festive sadness that year - and chances are they're never going to reach such dizzying heights again.

Edgar the Dragon is a good shout for the brand. And seeing as they've partnered with supermarket Waitrose this year, they've managed to keep the lovely ad's tone relevant enough to what both parties are trying to push.

Community, food, and a lovely Christmas pudding.

You can watch the John Lewis Christmas ad for 2019 in full here: