Looking to adopt? The ISPCA needs homes for 9 'fabulous' rescue dogs 4 years ago

Looking to adopt? The ISPCA needs homes for 9 'fabulous' rescue dogs

Look at their little faces.

Adopting a dog is probably one of the greatest decisions you could make in your life.

It's kind, it gives a poor rescue dog a home, and it also means that you'll have a dog - so, you know, everybody wins.

And if you're in the market for a new fluffy friend, you're in luck because the ISPCA are currently looking for some loving homes for nine "fabulous" dogs.

The dogs were rescued from unsuitable living conditions and are now in the Donegal Animal Rehabilitation Centre waiting for some lovely people to come along and give them a home for life.

According to ISPCA centre manager, Denise McCausland, the dogs are "fabulous" and deserving of a second chance.

She said:


“These dogs are such fabulous characters with individual personalities ranging in size and age from eighteen months right up to ten years old.

"They are absolutely wonderful dogs and really deserve a second chance in a happy home."

She went on:

“We would like remind pet owners of their responsibility to provide for the welfare needs of the animals in their care and once we find loving new homes for these gorgeous dogs, it will help free up some kennel space to help even more animals needing our help."

If you have any interest in adopting one of the dogs you can contact the rescue by emailing donegal@ispca.ie or calling 074 91 52360.

You can also go to the ISPCA's website for further information.