This man invented clothes that grow WITH your children 3 years ago

This man invented clothes that grow WITH your children

This sounds too good to be true.

Ryan Yasin was sick of buying clothes for his nephew, only to find out that the boy was growing so fast that they didn't fit him anymore.

So in order to combat this, he decided to invent his own.


Ryan studied Aeronautical Engineering in London so, naturally, his clothes weren't just the regular few pieces you'd pick up from Tesco.

Rather, they were designed with a special fabric that allowed them to expand when stretched or, in other words, grow with your child.

The clothes - which are waterproof, wash-proof, and crumb-proof, by the way - will fit any child between the age of three and six.

They've been designed to ensure that the days of buying kids loose fitting clothes so they'll "grow into them" are gone.


Or at least, reduced slightly.

ryan yasin

Ryan used his nephew to test his invention on and took to Facebook to share the photos.

He does look pretty adorable, in fairness.

ryan yasin

ryan yasin

Ryan's outerwear garment is set to be released soon, and will be "reasonably priced."

Images via Ryan Yasin.