Man's story about only time he made his dad cry will reduce you to tears 11 months ago

Man's story about only time he made his dad cry will reduce you to tears

Too much.

Did you ever make your day cry as a child?

And not because you were unintentionally rude or harsh or because you accidentally headbutted him someplace nobody wants to be headbutted.

But did you ever make him cry because you were just so adorable and super cute?

Even if you did, your story probably isn't as adorable and super cute as this guy's.

Han Alexander is a Tumblr user from China.

Han said that when he was a toddler, his dad presented him with three things - a pen, a toy, and some money.

Han said that his dad wanted him to choose between the three items to see if he would be intelligent, fun, or wealthy when he got older.

However, Han didn't go for either of the items.


"According to him, I crawled towards them, he held his breath, and I pushed everything aside and went right into his arms.

"He didn’t even realise that he was one of the choices.

"And that was the first, and the only time I made him cry."


Han's story was posted on Imgur where people started telling stories of the first and only times they made their dads cry too.

"Only time I've seen my dad cry was at his dad's funeral, after losing his mom less than a month before. It was a rough time for him," wrote one person.

"I saw my dad cry when he dropped me off at college in a different state," said another.

Han's story has been viewed over 200,000 times.