Meet the baby who is a few days old but is already Instafamous 4 years ago

Meet the baby who is a few days old but is already Instafamous

He has more followers than all of us.

A little baby has become Instafamous after racking up over 100,000 followers before he was even born. Little Calihan is part of a blogging family who has risen to fame through social media.

The latest addition to the family, Cali, was born on February 12 and already has a huge amount of followers.

How? You ask. Well, the family has been documenting every aspect of their lives for the last few years, including the run-up to Cali's birth.

As he was tagged in the posts, people began to follow his account. Then a few days ago, Calihan "Cali" Gee made his debut on social media.

hello world.. ?

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The main family account has over 1million followers, with each individual member having their own personal accounts too. Each with impressive amounts of followers.

They travel the world together and blog as they go. It all started off with a bucket list they developed and are currently making their way through it. As part of it, they sold everything they owned and decided to travel the world.

They say they are, 'Just your average young family exploring the planet', but clearly it's anything but average.