You can now get a mermaid life jacket for your dog and we'll take seven 3 years ago

You can now get a mermaid life jacket for your dog and we'll take seven


Dog accessories are a big thing.

Some people like them. Some people don't like them. Other people think that they're cute but only when the dog themselves is happy to be a part of the fun.

We tend to agree with the latter, which is good news for all involved considering this dog accessory is entirely necessary, safe, and also totally adorable.

Because now you can make your swimming dog a metallic mermaid - and make sure they stay afloat too.

Currently for sale on Amazon, the mermaid life jackets are sure to help your dog paddle his way to success while looking entirely jazzy at the same time.

The jackets come in three different sizes, meaning that an assortment of various sized dogs can swim about looking adorable and also super cool.

"Fashionable and extremely durable," the product description reads.


"Mermaid and fish skin design add much fashion element to your dogs. Easy on and off. The PVC rubber for easy handle and hang up for drying and stock." 

Sounds ideal, tbh.

The mermaid life jacket won't set you back an abundance of cash either, with prices starting at just $25.99 (€22.96) not including shipping.

A small price to pay for total, unabridged happiness for you and your furry friend.

And the even better news? The mermaid life jacket does actually ship to Ireland too.

What a rare and delightful occurrence.

Happy paddling.

You can check out the mermaid life jacket for dogs here.