Mum called cruel after telling her daughter 'she looked fat' in her clothes 5 years ago

Mum called cruel after telling her daughter 'she looked fat' in her clothes

A mum has been called cruel after telling her daughter "she looked fat" in her clothes.

The unknown mum took to Mumsnet to say that her 20-year-old daughter's weight has fluctuated since she began puberty.

She wanted to know whether it was "unreasonable" to tell her daughter she "looked fat" in certain clothes.

The mum wrote: 

"She was going out tonight with a cropped top on and it really wasn't all that flattering (she's a size 12 at the moment) and I immediately told her as I didn't want anyone else to. Obviously she was very pissed off and insisted she looked fine so I said her opinion was all that matters and off she went.

"I feel crap now of course. I had advised her a while back that she's looking chunky and she should exercise more. I always advise exercise rather than diets as she's tried really restrictive ones before.

"I'm overweight with a lot to lose and I've told her that I don't want her to end up like me."

Understandably, many were extremely critical of the mum's comments, especially considering the fact that her daughter is a size 12 at the moment.

"This is so mean," said one person.


"She felt comfortable enough to wear it and you decided to comment on it," said another.

"Your opinion wasn't asked for," said another. "Even if it was, there would be kinder ways to say that it didn't suit her."

Another user said that the mum sounded "awful" while somebody else branded her "cruel."

The mum then responded to the criticism herself, saying that "... crop tops and bulging bellies don't go do they? If she can't rely on her mother to tell her, who can she? I wasn't being mean, just didn't want someone else to say it!"

Chances are though, nobody else would say something like that to her because people are nice and don't want to hurt other people's feelings.

Unlike this mum, clearly.